Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The way to make your own t-shirt design online

Designing your very own T-shirts along with other apparel is actually a fun process and will be quite simple. One thing you must know is the thing that printing method you may be using to your T-shirts. The next thing you will need will be the appropriate software. I highly recommend the Adobe software, as a graphic designer. For that methods outlined in the following paragraphs, you may require Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Varieties of T-shirt prints

Transfers is a straightforward but cheap approach to T-shirt printing. It contains printing over a special sheet of paper then transferring the design and style on the t-shirt employing a source of heat for instance a house hold iron or T-shirt heat press. This technique is cheap and also the transferred design will never stay long. Sometimes you will notice chips and cracks after only a few washes. You can print full color designs in raster format. That is the advantage of this method however.

The best method of T-shirt printing is Silk Screening. Silk screening contains ink being pressed through templates called screens and applied right to the T-shirt. If your T-shirt has 3 colors, it must pass through 3 color screens, this process is done once per color, so. Once all colors happen to be screened on, the T-shirt passes with an oven of sorts where ink dries and becomes permanent. Since inks are applied individually, the silk screen process requires vector graphics using a pre-determined variety of colors. Usually not more than 4 colors otherwise your T-shirt would take approach to long to generate along with your production costs would rise considerably. Silk screening is additionally the best way for mass production since large printing companies have large silk screen machines that may produce many shirts in sequence.

Designing for Silk Screen

As mentioned previously, silk screen method requires vector graphics. To generate vector graphics, you want a vector imaging program including Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop is a raster imaging software, not vector, although the problem is, many designers prefer to design in Adobe Photoshop as opposed to Illustrator.

Luckily, you will find a workaround. It is possible to design your t-shirt in Photoshop with a high resolution, flatten your image, copy and paste it into an Illustrator canvas then utilize the Trace tool to convert the graphic into Vector. After that, it is possible to separate your colors and save it within a Vector format including .AI or .EPS. The trace tool is not really perfect but works very well for this particular application.

Designing tips

When building your T-shirt in Photoshop, ensure you adhere to only some colors. Avoid any gradients and shades inside your T-shirt design.For more info please visit Make Your Own Cheap T Shirts

When making your canvas in Photoshop, fill the background layer with all the desired shade of your T-shirt

When using the Trace tool in Illustrator, set the volume of colors to the quantity of colors on the shirt the background color. After the design is vectorized, delete the backdrop color.

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