Saturday, 5 September 2015

How for the greatest Split Cartridge Heaters

The unique split-sheath form of the Watt-Flex Cartridge Heater allows the independent, bilateral expansion of each one half of the heater outward from the walls in the surrounding bore.

Cartridge heater life is directly linked to its internal operating temperature.Watt-Flex cartridge heaters run substantially cooler and also a more uniform temperature profile than conventional heaters. The effect is Watt-Flex heaters that last approximately 5 times longer,have less downtime and reduce operating costs than conventional cartridge heaters.

Our prime purity MgO dielectric in Watt-Flex heaters is compacted to extreme density, ensuring maximum heat transfer out of the core for the heater sheath. It creates intimate contact with the bore wall, efficiently transferring heater sheath to the host metal, as the energized split-sheath expands.

Conventional ceramic core cartridge heaters (shown below) use multiple heating cores that may independently burn out, creating a cold section in the sheath. And voids of coil at core junctions produce cold sections in the heater profile.

The lifestyle of any cartridge heater is directly linked to its internal operating temperature. Denser and a lot more uniform compaction in the dielectric provides greater heat transfer for the Watt-Flex sheath. This, along with better heat transfer for the surrounding metal through intimate exposure to the wall in the bone, permits the Watt-Flex resistance coil to perform substantially cooler than conventional cartridge heater coils. The effect depends on five times longer life, decreased downtime, and reduce operating costs. For more information please visit

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