Wednesday, 23 December 2015

3 Approaches to Know You've Enjoyed a Spiritual Awakening

Remember Rip Van Winkle? Individuals inside the American English speaking portion of the world who passed our secondary school years inside the 1950s to 1970s do remember him. He was the person who slept for 25 years within a hollow in Ny. We knew him inside our English Literature class.

For that younger generation who know nothing about Rip Van Winkle, this is a very brief summary. He was the primary character in Washington Irving's story "Rip Van Winkle." He was actually a Dutch American who failed to want to work for a fee. He just desired to play. Before the American Revolution and got into the company of the ghosts of Henry Hudson and his crew, one day he was lost in the mountains of New York as it was then. He drank their drink and fell asleep. He awoke only after twenty years, using a long beard plus an aged man. He goes back to his village only to realize it absolutely was will no longer just like he left it. America was now independent from Great Britain. After a little searching he discovered his family.

The reason why I started with the story of Rip Van Winkle is because he illustrates the person who sleeps for many years, who is awakened only after sleeping those many years, that is, in his body, the physical life. Inside the spiritual life, like Rip Van Winkle so many people are asleep and unless somebody wakes them up they will likely go on sleeping spiritually, perhaps throughout their life. Many of them will awaken only in eternity. Listed below are 3 approaches to know you've enjoyed a spiritual awakening. In case you have not experienced these 3 ways, because of this you happen to be still asleep, that is certainly, spiritually, like Rip Van Winkle physically, and it's time to awaken.

And that is the real difference between spiritual awakening and physical awakening. If you are asleep, you cannot know that you are physically awake. You can not know that you are currently awake while you are still sleeping. However you can know you have not even awakened spiritually. How? Whether any of these ways are present in your life, by reflecting on your life. If they are not yet present, then it means that you have not yet awakened spiritually. Knowing this you may now want to awaken spiritually. Before actually awakening spiritually, and desiring to awaken spiritually is the step.

Fortunately, the ways to find out we've enjoyed a spiritual awakening are exactly like the methods to find out we've enjoyed a physical awakening. The initial approach to know that you are currently physically awake is actually by being familiar with your surrounding, initially indistinctly, then bit by bit, more distinctly. Just before you open the eyes it is possible to know that you are currently already awake, that you are currently still in bed, that it is late inside the night or early each day, etc.

Nevertheless in spiritual awakening you are aware of the spiritual realities close to you. You understand that you happen to be within a arena of spiritual along with physical realities. Again, as in physical awakening, this awareness is at first indistinct, but as time goes on and as you proceed in our spiritual journey this awareness becomes clearer and clearer.

This knowledge of spiritual realities close to you may result because of a dissatisfaction along with your present job, of any failure running a business, of any lack of someone you care about, of any joyful encounter using a beloved. Whatever it is that triggers this awareness, you are made aware that not only physical, visible things surround you but also spiritual, non-visible things, like love or fear, inner peace or turmoil, joy or confusion. For more information please visit Spiritual Development

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