Friday, 4 March 2016

Nollywood - Get some info about Nigeria's Film Industry

The Nigerian (Naija) artistic world offers many possibilities for entertainment and relaxation. Even if the Nigerian film industry is an emerging industry, it has accomplished to become the 2nd largest movie industry at worldwide level in terms of the quantity of movies produced on a yearly basis.

In this way, the Nigerian film industry represents an attractive opportunity for prospective film investments. Whether we are thinking of comedy, drama, soap operas, romance or action films - Nigeria's film industry can raise to expectations.

While in the USA the film industry is known as Hollywood, in the case of Nigeria the film industry is Nollywood. In terms of value of the movies and quantity of movies produced on a yearly basis, the Nigerian cinema industry is the largest one in Africa and it can also be compared to Hollywood or Bollywood.

Short history of Nollywood

The Nigerian cinema has appeared during the 1960's, but no worldwide success was registered until the use of digital filming. However , the first Nigerian movies were produced during the 1960's by Hubert Ogunde and Ola Balogun but with high costs. It seemed that the television industry was much more profitable as compared to the cinema industry and until the 1980's, each state of Nigeria had its own television station.

Due to the restrictions related to foreign television stations, the local theater productions became more popular and in 1992 the release of "Living in Bondage" was the first success of Nollywood. This movie opened the windows towards a new successful industry in Nigeria and increased the opportunities for investments in this field of activity. Since then on, approximately $250 million are spent on a yearly basis in the movie industry.

All in all, Nollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world and it is growing in a fast pace. The future looks bright for Nigeria's cinema industry and the competition is fierce in this field of activity. For more information please visit mercy johnson

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