Friday, 13 January 2017

One Dollar Shopping, a New Online Shopping Mode With Surprises

One dollar shopping is a new online shopping mode with many surprises. The site will prepare certain portions of an item and sell them by 1 dollar per one. When all portions are sold out, The site will draw out a luck one from the buyers to get the item. For more info please visit One Dollar Shopping Sites

1. Each item is divided into certain portions according to its market price. Each portion is 1 dollar with a code.
2. You can buy an item more than once or more than one portion once.
3. The lucky code will be worked out when all portions are sold out. The buyer with the lucky code will acquire the item.

How to Get the Lucky Code?
1. The site will collect the last 100 time records of buyer's orders of the certain item. The last 100 orders' time records will be released in limited time before the deadline.
2. Each time record will be turned into a group of numbers in order from hour to second.
3. Then, the ultimate code is gotten by the plus of 10.000.001 and the reminder. The reminder comes from the total sum of 100 groups' time numbers divided by the number of portions.

1. Choose your aim item. Get the item, and click ONE dollar GO.
2. Pay One dollar. You get one code by paying 1 dollar on online-payment platform. Each item you can buy for times or more than one portions. The more codes you get, the more chances you possess.
3. Who is the winner? The site will text or e-mail you to get the item when the activity ends.

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