Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why use liquid glass for this mobile screen protector

Many conventional protective films for displays not least affect the touch function. So the display can feel slightly rough after attaching the slide, which also affects the sensitivity. The touch control does not more precise and sensitive as usual. The thin and invisible ProtectPax is sealing the display not to notice. By sealing all contacts be transferred to the display, so that it doesn't affect the touch panel. The most touch screen is capacitive. This means that an arrangement of thousands of small capacitors located behind the screen. If the screen is touched, a small current flows through the fingers and a processor registers the location of the touch. This function is not affected by the ProtectPax seal. The current flow is not interrupted by the seal. As well, thus the function of the 3D-Touch is preserved. At the 3D-Touch, exerted pressure on the display is crucial for the activation of this function. This pressure is the seal not reduce passed to the display, so that's not affected. The display can be operated through the sealing perfectly with gloves, without that it must be removed.

The seal of ProtectPax is equipped with nano-particles. These are titanium oxide, which is aluminium oxide is one of the toughest manufacturable materials. These nanoparticles smooth the surface of the display and thus give a hardness of 9H. The hardness of 9 H corresponds to the hardness of Sapphire or Ruby. Nano particles arrange themselves in a so-called crystal lattice, this was one of the strongest chemical structures that can be achieved. This grid will make sure that the display will remain tight and so provides greater stability, since the molecules more hold together the protective layer. The seal to withstand shocks with a weight of up to six kilograms. That not beutetet of course that the sealing can protect the display from any breakage, but the likelihood of a breach is drastically reduced, which is the biggest falls.

The seal of ProtectPax with its nano particles of titanium oxide is a kind of faradayschen cage to the screen around. This means that any electricity or magnetic field performance can not penetrate into the inside of the screen or the Smartphone. At the nano level, connect the particles to form a very dense network and let through therefore 92.7% of the radiation from the outside. Thus, the Smartphone is fully protected from external attacks. The effect of electromagnetic radiation has negative effects on the phone. In the worst case, it can cause losing certain data on your Smartphone. As well, the radiation affects the phone function and can lead to a weaker reception and noise. This danger can be avoided by the ProtectPax seal.

The layer of nanoparticles consisting of titanium oxide have not only a positive effect on the fracture resistance of the display, but also act as an optical filter. Differently, by the addition of foreign substances, the light is broken when it falls on the display and reflected it back. Due to the customized reflection angle, the display behaves much better when it's out very bright and the Sun would hide the view. In addition, driving are represented significantly richer and more diverse. As a result, the image appears on the display still sharper and more pleasant. The same effect can be observed when it is edited with ProtectPax also at the camera. This, the lens of the camera with the protective coating of nanoparticles is flawed, conduct more light into the lens. Photos appear automatically this brighter without the use of an artificial software to brighten up. So, treatment with ProtectPax results in a higher quality of the shots with the camera of smartphones. For more info please visit Nanotechnologie

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