Sunday, 30 April 2017

Foldable and Flat Shoes: Here’s What You Need To Know

Foldable shoes are a fairly recent advancement in the world of shoes. Prior to their invention, it had always been bit of a hassle to take an extra pair of shoes around to different places. There was always a risk that one might lose them. However, folding shoes aim to change the entire shoe game. They are exactly what they are portrayed as: easily foldable. This makes it extremely simple and time saving, as the shoes can be kept in a bag or a purse. There are different types of foldable shoes for different occasions. Here are a few:

Ballet Shoes
Ballet shoes are probably one of the most famous, yet infamous flat and foldable shoes on the planet. Even though they are known for the level of comfort which they provide, there have been times when buying the wrong size has led to many blisters and painful feet. The main idea with ballet shoes is to make sure that one tries them on before buying them. It is also imperative to check the quality of the material used.

Most oxfords are not foldable. Nonetheless, they are one of the best kinds of flat shoes for women that are available in the market. Identified by their iconic closed toe and shoe laced eye holes, Oxfords are highly durable. Available in a range of budgets, the pairs slightly more on the price spectrum tend to be supremely comfortable.

Brogues are the more aesthetically pleasing cousins of Oxfords. They almost always cost more than their counterparts, but provide superior quality and comfort. They stand out due to decorative linings and patterns along the toe and edges.

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