Monday, 8 June 2015

Tips to Choosing a Custom Design T Shirts Company

Some business owners want printed shirts for their employees to wear as a uniform. So, they will just get their business name and maybe a logo on the shirt. Don't make this mistake! T-shirts are one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business, so you have to think like an advertiser when designing your shirts. After all, every person who wears a shirt with your business information on it is a walking billboard. So, if you're thinking like an advertiser, you want to concisely squeeze as much information about what your business provides and how to contact you.

The two most prominent pieces of your design should be your name and your contact info. As an aside, if you're doing any kind of business these days, you must have a website. If you don't have one, get one! These days everyone is on the internet, and for most people, it's a lot easier to remember a website address than a phone number. Plus, your website is a salesman who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That being said, I will save all the benefits of having a website for another article.

Now that we know what the two most prominent pieces of your design will be, we can move on to how we should set it up. You don't need a vast array of graphic design knowledge or software to set up your design, but there are a few guidelines to follow. Many people who have a PC try to create designs in Microsoft Word. Sometimes this works, but a most of the time it doesn't. This is because MS Word is a word processing software and not a graphics program. Many Windows users will also try to use MS Paint. This works alright for very simple designs, but also has a lot of limitations. Your best bet is to download a free graphics program or find a website that will let you create a design online and save it. There are lots of free, easy to use software on the internet to help you create your design like Serif and GIMP. Best of all, you can save your design in a format that a t-shirt printing company can use.

The last final pieces of information that are important to know when creating a t-shirt design for your business, is the number of colors you want to use in your design and what is your budget. The simple rules for t-shirts are, the less number of colors you use, the less expensive the shirts, and the more shirts you get printed at one time, the lower the price per shirt.For more information please visit Design A Shirt No Minimum

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